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We Are A Social-Enterprise Based At Chuka In Tharaka Nithi, In Mt Kenya East Promoting Food And Nutrition Security In The Region.

We work with small-holder farmers and their groups to promote agriculture production, while generating income for farmers. We support farmers engage better farming technology and methods, for maximum production of both dryland and highland food-crops; and provide a market for the produce at competitive market process. We have a top-of-the-range milling and packaging plant at Chuka, that adds value to farmers produce before it is marketed in the region, in Kenya and internationally.

Our Vision

Enhance small holder farmers improve their harvests and pull themselves out of poverty; hence prosperity, eradication of poverty and hunger and ultimately; providing technology and a value addition mechanisms for better prices for their produce.

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Our Products

Cassava Crips

Not that a chip needs to come from a potato to be called such these days. The chip has been such a global success story that attempts to reinvent it are constant. Things that have been given the chip mantle include :parsnips, sweet potatoes, kale and courgette.

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Certified Green Grams

The green gram is a little, round olive green bean with a sweet flavor and delicate surface.They are yellow in shading once the skins are uprooted.It is for the most part expended as a fundamental dish however at times it is additionally used to make sweet dishes.

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We are a Social-enterprise based at Chuka in Tharaka Nithi, in Mt Kenya East promoting food and nutrition security in the region.

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