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Kagoka Foods Ltd

Kagoka Foods- a Tech enabled B2B and B2C fruits & vegetable platform linking small scale women and
youth organic farmers to vendors, hypermarkets and the export market. We focus on Pumpkins, Arrow
roots, Cassava, Yams, Sweet Potato and Banana value-chain.

Our Model

Kagoka connects the farmer to the customer through an elaborate logistics system, at a price that is competitive to the producer and consumer. We use of a mobile-based, cashless, business-to-business and business-to-customer supply platform to access distribution into the millions of small and medium- size vendors in Kenyan markets, enabling farmers and vendors to improve their margins. Through the mobile-based B2B and B2C food supply platform Kagoka supplies fresh tubers, roots crops, fruits, vegetables sourced from farmers in rural Kenya to small- and medium-sized vendors, outlets and kiosks in Kenya’s major towns.

The enterprise focuses on Cassava, Avocado, Yams, Pumpkins, Arrowroots, Potatoes, Banana and some fruits and vegetables such as Pawpaw, Passion, Goget, Pepper and Capsicum. Our aggregation centres and packhouse act as storage and distribution centres for produce, hence reducing post-harvest losses. We have chosen to focus on Root, Tuber and Banana (RTB) crops that are the backbone of food security across the humid tropics in Africa, and climate change friendly; hence our enterprise will promote re- introduction of these types of crops in the farms for commercial purposes. Around 300 million poor people in developing countries currently depend on RTB value chains for food security, nutrition and income.

We address the problem of transportation of the fresh food from the farm to the centres to reduce wastage through our elaborate logistics system. The mobile-based cashless platform leads to better prices and a guaranteed market to farmers, and lower prices and a reliable supply to vendors. It also helps to reduce post-harvest losses and waste as it matches demand with supply. Consumers also benefit as they are able to buy fresher products at lower prices thanks to a more efficient supply chain We provide support to the farmers by advising them on best farming and food harvesting techniques, and promote organic farming techniques.

Our Mission

We seek to support the youth and women farmers, by providing a channel for them to sell their produce, while creating job opportunities. Youth and Women face economic and social constraints. They account for 60 to 80% of smallholder farmers and produce 90% of food in Africa and about half of all food worldwide. Yet in sub-Saharan Africa, only 15% of landholders are youth women and they receive less than 10% of credit and 5% of extension services. Policies that address gender inequalities could, conservatively, increase yields on youth and women’s farms by 2.5% to 4%. Youth and Women are key to food and nutrition security and sustainable development. We need to empower rural youth and women through policies that help them in Growing, Marketing, Adapting, Caring, Connecting and Leading.

Our Vision

Enhance small holder farmers improve their harvests and pull themselves out of poverty; hence prosperity, eradication of poverty and hunger and ultimately; providing technology and a value addition mechanisms for better prices for their produce.

Our Team

We have a competent and professional team including a network of field representatives, sales, finance, administration, logistics, technology and HR, based at our Depots in selected parts of East Africa and our HQ/ Warehouse in Nairobi.